Emotions has power to change the destiny.. - Shri 108 Acharya Sunilsagar Ji Maharaj

Emotions are one of the important and inseparable aspect of human being. In addition every human possesses a magnetic field (abha mandal) around him that always moves with him, that is capable of attracting things or particles. Human emotions has influence on this magnetic field and is capable of attracting positivity or negativity. Every time when someone expresses his emotion of love, compassion, resolve etc. the magnetic field around him will spread this love, compassion, resolve. More the love and compassion this magnetic field carries more and more people and things gets attracted. Emotions and magnetic carrier empowers a human being to fulfil his wish/wants. Remember these wish/want are small dot in the ocean in comparison to willpower developed through controlled emotions. The strength of such controlled emotions with the help of magnetic field is such that every adversity, every negativity can be easily converted into to opportunity or positivity.

How one can have controlled emotions?

Set a goal. Imagine and feel for your emotions through concentrated efforts for best part of 5 to 10 minutes every day. Continue this practice every day till you achieve the desired result. The emotions are so much powerful that your resolve to achieve something within a span of given time frame will be achieved. The exercise of right emotional therapy helps clear wrong thoughts, negativity, makes you feel empowered and most important of helps take control of your life.

We tend to believe or trust a thing on the bases of what we see or able to touch physically. This method is not foolproof or real test to know something. In order to acquire knowledge about something the method to be used is emotions which help you to feel the thing, imagine a thing and the things known through this process is real knowledge about something. If something is not in your possession but you have attraction towards that thing, you feel for such thing then sub consciously you are attracting such thing towards you. Similarly if you do not like something having no feelings or imagination does not expand towards such things then such things will never get attracted towards you and it is obvious that you will not have any emotions towards such things.

If you curse someone or envy someone such curse or jealousy will hurt you more than opposite person. If you spread love or praise someone than such things are indirectly giving to yourself. This then leads us to most important principle of life and that is most precious wealth and power is always stored within and one cannot see it. It is elixir of life. No one can take such things from you but you can always give away if you so decide. Remember If you choose to give it will get reciprocated in abundance.

Lets' dwell upon some important rules of emotion and its power :

  • Emotions are strongest invisible power phenomena. Everyone possesses such power.
  • Every cause will have effect. Positive cause will reciprocate positive effect. The cause of action of giving will reciprocate effect of receiving. One will give and will receive it in same proportion. This is because scale of giving will decide the scale of receiving.
  • Keep good spirit, because when you are in good spirit then you are using most powerful tool in your possession Emotions.
  • Those who are leading satisfying/ good life are always focusing on good events rather than bad events. It does not mean that they are not affected by bad events. It is power of emotions which helps them overcome this adversities.
  • Your emotions and thoughts be it good or bad will return to you with equal force. Whether we like it or not the every cause have an effect. If a person standing in front of a mountain and speaks loudly he feels his own echo. This is equally true of your behavior.
  • Nothing happens accidently. Every event is the result of our action of giving and we receive good or bad objects or things on the bases of what is given.
  • Positivity in Emotions is a tool one possesses which help him to do good things in life or create good things in life.
  • You receive in return for what you have given. Imbibe positivity and will receive positivity and vis a versa.
  • Emotions are like seed you saw and reap either good or the bad fruits.
  • Emotions are like tree of god, it fulfills all your demand. Therfore, be careful in exercise of your right of claiming something from "emotion god".
  • Emotions are most useful tool used to give shape to thoughts and achieve it.
  • You have a choice. The way you think and emote the way it will be. Your emotions will drive you to best or worst thing and choice is yours.
  • This then leads us to most important rule and that is be careful. Train your emotions and keep it in good stead because emotions with the help of magnetic field around you has direct connection with the surroundings. Way you think exactly the same way it will happen.
  • You love anyone or things you are equally loved by such person or thing. Your wealth loves you, your health love you, your happiness loves you and you think of anyone and they love you.
  • How do you feel in present is most important aspect than any other aspects because emotions in present will help you grow in life.
  • Your emotions is the medium of expressions of thoughts and words and therefore is most important.
  • Every good emotions is result of love and bad emotions are result of hatred. Sacred and Pure emotions is known as supreme soul.
  • Emotions are infinite and therefore what you can achieve is not measurable but is infinite.
  • We are blessed with emotions and apparatus of transmission in the form of magnetic field and with the help these two things we can attract every good things in life and achieve every good thing in life. We can be infinitely happy.
  • Emotions can change the destiny.
  • DO not regret about the past. Learn for the past and move on. Inculcate the habit of positive thinking, positive emotions and decide about your present and future.
  • You have divine power within you do not look for it outside. You can achieve anything and everything. Just demand it and will get it.
  • Your life is full of infinite possibilities and this universe has abundance in store for you. Just demand it and you will receive it.
  • Start dreaming with purpose. You dream of doing something and sheer power within will help you achieve this dream.
  • Faith, Trust in your abilities. Test of real faith is on the things you have never seen it never touched but at the same to feel it. Moment you believe in something it happens. Doubt will be antidote to your growth is a dream stealer. Doubt will keep you away from best things in life which otherwise are very easy to win over.

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